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Private Limited Company

Ryot Associates provide Private Limited Company registration in Coimbatore, Tirupur, Erode, Namakkal, Chennai and all other places in Tamilnadu. Private limited company is a popular corporate form of business entity with private ownership, which functions legally in India. The registration of private limited company should be made through the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). Company must start its business and has to file commencement of business in Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) within 180 days from the date of incorporation. A minimum number of two shareholders and two directors are required to register a private limited company. No minimum capital is required to start a private limited company. Now the Government has taken several steps to simplify the company registration process and reduce the fees to encourage the start-ups. Registration of company can be completed nowadays within 10 – 15 days. However private limited companies having mandatory appointment of auditor requirement even for start-ups makes it highly compliant and most expensive structure of business organisation.

Entire company registration process is done through online. We Ryot associates assist you not only in registration process but also in other compliances like GST registration, PF registration, ESI registration, Auditor appointment, Income tax filings and compliances, ROC annual filing services and all other MCA compliance filings.

Advantage of Private Limited companies

Limited Liability

Liability of the shareholders of the company is limited only up to the share value taken by them. Liability of the business will not affect the personal assets of the shareholders. At the time of winding up the liability of the members is only up to the amount unpaid on the shares.

Separate legal entity

Private limited company has a separate legal entity. It is an artificial judicial person established under the companies act, 2013. Company has a legal capacity to own property in its own name, company can sue any person and also be sued in its own name.

Perpetual Succession

Being a separate legal entity company any death or resignation of any members of the company will not affect the existence of the company. Membership of the company may change time to time but shall not affect the continuity of the company.