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PF Registration in Coimbatore

Ryot Associates one of the leading consultant provide PF registration in Coimbatore and all other places in Tamilnadu. EPF is a fund regulated by the EPFO which is the largest social security organisation. It is a retirement savings scheme provided by the Government of India for all salaried employees in India. It encourages the employees to save some small amount of their salary for their future benefits.

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Who is Liable for PF REGISTRATION?

PF registration is mandatory for,

  • Any organisation which employ 20 or more employees
  • Some class of organisations central Government may specify for compulsory registration even though there is less than 20 employees.
Contribution to PF

PF contribution is to be made at a fixed percentage by both the employer and employee equally on the employee’s gross salary. The rate at which contribution to be made by both employee and employer is 12% on Gross salary.

Registration process

Ryot Associates will do the entire registration process through online. First the Establishment registration has to be done in EPFO portal and Universal Account Number (UAN) has been generated. Once UAN has been generated the organisation can add their entire employees list and all other details using this UAN.

EPF filing

Every organisation having the PF registration is mandatory to file the PF returns every month. Due date to deposit the amount deducted is 15th of the following month and the due date for PF return is also 15th of the following month. Due date for filing of PF annual return is 25th April of the following year.